Fundraising for wildlife conservation in Zambia

What We DO

The Elephant Charge is an annual 4×4 family friendly event held in the Zambian wilderness, 35 teams of cars and motorbikes challenged by a demanding course of tough terrain over the shortest distance.

The Charge is held to raise money for conservation in Zambia, mainly focused on “conservation through education“.

The event has raised over $1,788,328 since 2008.

The funds have been distributed to effective conservation organisations working across the country.

The annual event is held at a secret location, revealed at the last minute at the end of September.

Annual Charges
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Elephant Charge Impact

We’re helping these associations:

All teams pledge a minimum of $1,000 to conservation. Every dollar raised is passed directly to Zambian conservation organisations as grants.

The cost of running the event is raised by the committee through sponsorship and the team entry fee.

Local organisations apply for grants annually, and are selected based on projects best placed to achieve the EC objectives.

The impact is assessed through monitoring and evaluation reports.

Countdown To Elephant Charge 2024

Is Underway

Join us for an unforgettable experience in the heart of Zambia’s wilderness and participate in the conservation of wildlife.

The enthusiasm and adventurous spirit of the Charge community as a whole contribute to making this an incredible event.

It has grown to where 35 diverse teams of six people, along with their families, friends and supporters camp out over the weekend.

It is now the biggest conservation fundraiser in Zambia.

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