Fundraising Tips

Every year our teams raise an incredible amount of money for the Elephant Charge conservation projects in Zambia. It’s not always easy raising cash so here are some ideas to get you going…

1. Crowd funding campaigns

Target friends and family who may be interested in supporting your adventure and want to support grassroots conservation projects in Zambia at the same time!

For info to include on your crowd funding site about the Elephant Charge and our beneficiaries visit our impact page or our beneficiaries page.

Some examples of good crowd funding sites to use are:

2. Online Events

Since COVID, we have all, old and young had to embark on a steep learning curve to get on board with virtual meetings, webinars and symposiums.

Use your newfound skills to set up Zoom calls that people have to pay for to join (or donate as much as they like) or produce super easy-to-use Facebook and Instagram live videos.


Cookery classes

Whether you’re a Delia or a Jamie we all want to see you throw in a bit of basil and learn your culinary tips so invite us to a Zoom or Facebook/Instagram live and ask us to donate to your team in return for your secret family recipes (that you googled the night before).

Quiz nights

We’ve all done them, family, school friends, work colleagues, quiz nights (I can confirm the ultimate best round is “Who said this? Homer Simpson or Donald Trump”) organize a quiz night, find a fun prize for the winner then ask contestants to donate to your team to join in.

Karaoke session

From ABBA to Ed Sheeran it’s all possible on various online karaoke providers just ask your karaoke comrades to donate to your team to join. Some examples of online karaoke sites are:

Yoga classes

Calling all downward facing drivers!

Do you know a yoga instructor or are you one yourself?

Ask them very kindly or organize an online yoga class (or perhaps even socially distanced in person) and donate the entrance fee to your team.

Stand-up comedy nights

Think you’re funny? Test it out!

Do a stand-up stint, either alone or with some mates, as a facebook/instagram live and ask your audience to donate to your team.

Live music broadcasts

Do you play the guitar, sing opera or maybe you’re just handy with a ukulele and have a mate who tings the triangle.

How about asking supporters for requests and recording your own version for a donation of their discretion.

You can provide online yoga classes to help fundraising for the 2022 Elephant Charge

3. Online Auctions

Silent, online auctions have been successful for years!

Ask your clever, rich and diligent friends to donate products, services, goods and auction them on sites such as to raise funds for your team.

4. IN PERSON Events

Movie nights

Do you have a decent sized garden, a white sheet and a projector? Movie nights are always loved by all (although perhaps avoid Zombie and Pandemic at this time) and you could make popcorn and hot chocolates to increase your turnover further.

Guided bike rides

There are so many bike geeks out there!

Get them donating to your team by organizing a meet for a good route that you know and ask them to donate to your team for the privilege of joining you.

Make a batch of smoothies to sell at the end.

Guided walks

Around a farm, dam, forest reserve – similar to the above what about a guided walk through a beautiful area that you might know.

You could do it early in the morning, point out interesting facts along the way and then sell coffees and muffins at the end.

Spa Day (can you tell that a girl wrote this?)

Invite a small group of friends for facial, massages, pedicures, manicures and get your team to do the deeds!

Ask for donations to your team.

Sell appropriately priced champagne to go with the experience.

Other event ideas include: Dance Marathons, Art Shows, Car Washes, Murder Mystery Party, Wine Tasting, Casino Night, Pancake Breakfast etc etc…

Fundraising Tips 2022 by Elephant Charge recommend hosting a movie night
Our personal favourite from our fundraising tips 2022 collection is the spa day

5. Selling your goods and services

Are you one of those amazingly lucky individuals who have a marketable skill?

How about putting it towards a great cause and advertising your wares on social media?

Photos – post low res versions of your photos online and offer the high res versions for sale either by email or hard copy print.

Paintings – post sketches, watercolours or other media online for sale and deliver the original to the highest bidder.

Crafts – are you gifted in another way? can you knit, sew, sculpt, plant, grow? we are all creative, we just have to discover how!

Bake Sales – ok alright so we can all just about make a batch of cookies at least?

Well if you can’t then learn!

And sell them to your work mates, or next door neighbours or a random passersby in the street.

Bake sales are a fantastic fundraising tip for 2022
If you/re great with your hands and have a particular niche why not consider selling your craftsmanship as one of our fundraising tips 2022

Ok that’s it! Over to you guys. For any more help or information you might need visit our contact page