The Elephant Charge Committee

Meet the People Who Make The Elephant Charge Possible

The committee comprises of conservation minded volunteers who bring their own particular skillset to the organisation.

Peter Castle

Chairman, Clerk of the Course & Course Setter

Commercial developer, promote environmental awareness, adventurer and bush lover.

MD Retail Investments Ltd, Zambia.

Jo Pope


Passionate about nature, Jo spent 20 plus years living in the famous South Luangwa, running a tourism safari company with her husband Robin Pope.
She is now a Life Coach but remains involved in tourism, aviation and supports projects that empowers young Zambians.

Angela Chisembele

Event Administrator

Angela has lived both in UK and Zambia managing programs in both private and public health and social sector.
She is currently working with Western Power Company Ltd managing the stakeholder engagements with community, government and other cooperating partners…
and yet still manages to keep the EC show on the road.

Western Power Company Limited

Andy Fleming

Event Results & Website

Andy is a data scientist, engineer, geologist, programmer.
He is developing a portfolio of renewable energy projects in Zambia including hydro, solar and biomass. 

Director at African Power Projects Western Power Company Limited

Francesca Cooke

Team Fundraising

After 4 and a half years working for Conservation Lower Zambezi, Cesca branched out.
She is the Founder and Lead Consultant at Kula Consultancy, a consultancy to support non-profits in Zambia with fundraising/admin/donor relations and more.
Kula has a specific focus on conservation, education and social impact.

Sarah Davies

Social Media

Sarah originally qualified as a lawyer in the UK, then moved to Zambia over ten years ago to work in conservation.
She lived in the Lower Zambezi for three years and has since co-founded Wildlife Crime Prevention an anti-trafficking organisation in Lusaka.

Justice and Awareness Director, Wildlife Crime Prevention

Mike Fleming

Assistant to the Clerk of the Course

Technical, humorous and loves camping in remote areas of the country.

Owner and Principal Engineer of Africa Infrastructure Consultants, Zambia

Linda Clemensson

International Sponsorship & Fundraising

Linda has travel widely with the UN, landed in Zambia and has put down roots.
As a new charger in 2021, she was won over by the sense of community and spirit of the charge and is now committed to raising funds outside Zambia to build international fundraising support.

Dave Bosse


Dave is well-connected in the business world in Zambia and supports EC by finding material support and sponsorship for the event. 
As an enthusiast of both motorsports and the bush, he leads a team at the Charge.

Managing Director, National Milling Corporation Zambia

Tom Younger

Assistant Course Setter

Tom loves an adventure, both in the commercial world and in the bush. 
A successful entrepreneur, a pilot and an enthusiastic biker, he is often found exploring remote areas of the wilderness. 

Managing Director, Western Power Company Limited

Jean Dollery

Marketing & PR, Artwork & Design

Jean is a graphic designer with a multitude of interests including animal welfare, arts and culture and environment. 

Yoga, pottery, design are her passions and she contributes to many diverse causes.