Conservation through education


Zambia is rich in natural assets including wilderness areas, wildlife, and iconic rivers such as the Zambezi, Luangwa and Kafue Rivers.

There are 20 national parks and combined with the surrounding game management areas, 30% of Zambia’s land mass is allocated for protection to some degree.

However, over 60% of the population live under the poverty line, many of whom are subsistence farmers and charcoal producers.

Zambia’s natural forests are under threat as the population and demand for space increases.

The expanding communities surrounding the national parks and key biodiversity areas put pressure on the habitat. For a more sustainable future, conservation education is key.

The Mission

The Elephant Charge is a challenging, yet family friendly, annual 4×4 event to raise funds to support conservation in Zambia through locally established conservation organisations.


Elephant Charge is investing in Zambia’s future by supporting conservation.

The funds raised are distributed to around a dozen effective Zambian conservation organisations, split between “conservation education” (70%) and “field conservation” (30%) across the country.

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Our Objectives

Objective #1

To strengthen “conservation education” in schools across the country, more especially in eco sensitive areas

Objective #2

To stimulate and support the development of young conservationists and emerging eco warriors

Objective #3

To create an environmentally aware mindset and behavior change, particularly in communities living near protected areas

Objective #4

To support mitigation in critical Human-Wildlife Conflict zones

Objective #5

To provide funding for field conservation work and essential capital expenditure

Objective #6

To create a wide reaching, eco-active community of Chargers, Sponsors, Supporters and Conservationist in Zambia

Our Beneficiaries

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The Elephant Charge is also increasing awareness about the importance of conservation online.

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EC Fundraising Tips

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