Kasanka Trust


Kasanka Trust is a non-profit responsible for the management, community development and tourism of Kasanka National Park in Zambia. This entails park operations and infrastructure, law enforcement, wildlife conservation, research, community development and environmental education and tourism development in the park.


EC funding contributes towards Kasanka Trust’s effective environmental education program. 

The objective is to strengthen and support environmental education outreach activities in the 21 WECSZ Conservation Clubs in the area (with a total of 1260 members).  

This work includes training the club mentors, providing resources, organizing activities, bringing school groups to see the bats in the park and taking students on game drives to nurture the understanding as to why conserving wildlife is important.   

The EC funding also supports the primary school, run by KT, for the children in the immediate vicinity.



Grants received from the elephant charge

$ 0

Below you can find see all the grants that have been awarded to Kasanka Trust.


Received $18.387 in grants from the Elephant Charge 2022 – Chinwambishi

Received $19.091 in grants from the Fuchs Elephant Charge 2021 – Matakula

Received $113.150 in grants from the Fuchs Elephant Charge 2020 – Kawanga River

Received $10.243 in grants from the Fuchs Elephant Charge 2019 – Nankanga Hill