CATS - Livingstone Conservation and Tourism Society


Livingstone Conservation and Tourism Society (CATS) is a registered non-profit that focuses on bridging the gap between local communities and local wildlife. With a team of 8 volunteers, CATS conduct conservation education at schools as well as with girl groups, street kids and orphans. CATS is also focused on wildlife and environmental education with families living in Human wildlife Conflict zones (HWC).


Livingstone has an increasing Human-Wildlife Conflict issue as the town expands into the traditional habitats and movement corridors of the local elephant populations. 

CATs, with the support of EC funding, has developed a roadshow that has sensitized up to 10,000 people in the area on elephant behavior and promotion of co-habitation with wildlife. 

CATs has also increased the number of conservation clubs in the area and promoted cultural drama groups for educating on conservation, land pollution and other environmental issues.  The funding also supports the expansion of training of local farmers on how to protect their farms from elephants using chili fences and others methods. 


Grants received from the elephant charge

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Below you can find see all the grants that have been awarded to CATS – Livingstone Conservation and Tourism Society .


Received $8.387 in grants from the Elephant Charge 2022 – Chinwambishi

Received $4.848 in grants from the Fuchs Elephant Charge 2021 – Matakula