Mizu Eco Care


Mizu Eco-Care is an non-profit environmental/conservation organisation established in 2019.

Mizu Eco Care seeks to be a leading platform for mindset change and a paradigm shift towards environmental sustainability in Zambia.

Its motto is, “Protecting the Environment and enriching Human Life through Agency“.

Mizu Eco Care educates on local environmental issues through documentary production and storytelling activities.


The EC funds are supporting an ecosystem regeneration project in an area outside Lusaka where the levels of deforestation and soil degradation are extreme.  This is a test project with the objective of reversing this ecological decline through educating the local community and supporting eco-healthy farming and land use practices.



Grants received from the elephant charge

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Below you can find see all the grants that have been awarded to Mizu Eco Care.


Fuchs Elephant Charge 2021 – Matakula received $2.424 in grants