Chitungulu Foundation


The Chitungulu Foundation operates in and around the remote village of Chitungulu, bordering Luambe National Park.

The foundation has developed an environmental education program as part of its multi-pronged approach to achieve sustainable community development in sync with nature conservation.

Projects include annual birding classes for primary school children, a pre-guide training course for graduated secondary school students wishing to become field guides, and annual tree planting projects for children.

In recent years, the foundation has been sponsoring the training of Chitungulu’s first field guides who are to become the role models for a new generation of conservationists.


Funds provided by the Elephant Charge support the foundation’s Conservation Centre, a knowledge hub for sustainable development and nature conservation in the area. Through the centre, the foundation’s environmental educational program can be continued and extended, so that:

  1. School children can visit Luambe National Park on a regular basis
  2. More young people from Chitungulu and neighboring villages can be trained to become field guides or can be sponsored to pursue other environmental career paths
  3. More children can enjoy school holiday conservation activities: birding classes, preparations for excursions in Luambe NP, plastic clean-up campaigns, tree planting, watching nature documentaries, nature quizzes in the library and in the field
  4. More organic vegetable gardeners, beekeepers and subsistence farmers can attend interactive workshops in the areas of biodiversity and soil conservation


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