Shinganda Wildlife Wilderness


Shinganda Wildlife Wilderness (Shinganda) was formally established in 2001 as Shinganda-Lumba Conservancy, with these titles often used interchangeably.

Shinganda, which is situated halfway between Kaoma and Kasempa in the Mufumbwe District, protects all wildlife within our sector of the Kafue-West Lunga Conservation Corridor, also providing safe refuge for wide-ranging species like elephants, lions, African wild dogs and vultures, with these species regularly moving in and out from nearby conservation areas such as other private conservancies, Kasonso-Busanga Game Management Area and Kafue National Park.

In collaboration with Zambia’s Department of National Parks and Wildlife, our work has focused on anti-poaching foot patrols aimed at countering wildlife poaching.


Funds provided by Elephant Charge will support Shinganda’s conservation education program, aimed initially at sensitising 800 schoolchildren regarding the importance of vulture conservation through school visits within the Mushima Chiefdom, in collaboration with Birdwatch Zambia, who registered Shinganda as a Vulture Safe Zone in 2022.

This community work will be expanded in future to create awareness among the community leadership regarding the negative impacts on wildlife caused by snaring and hunting with domestic dogs. Elephant Charge funds will also contribute to Shinganda’s ongoing counter-poaching work, involving the continuous removal of cable snares, as well as the suppression of hunting with domestic dogs and firearms.

Elephant Charge funds will serve to strengthen Shinganda’s contribution to the overall wildlife conservation effort within the Kafue-West Lunga Conservation Corridor.


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