Impact Report 2021 - 2022

Date Of Report: 2022

Empowering Conservation in Zambia

The Elephant Charge Impact Report stands as a testament to the unwavering commitment and collective efforts directed towards safeguarding Zambia’s precious wildlife. Through our charity, dedicated to the preservation of nature’s giants and their habitats, we have made significant strides in funding wildlife conservation across the country.

Highlights from the Year:

Number of Beneficiaries: This year, our initiatives reached an astounding 14 beneficiaries, spanning communities, conservation teams, and the diverse wildlife that calls Zambia home. Each individual impacted represents a step forward in our mission to protect and nurture the rich biodiversity of this magnificent land.

Amount Raised: Thanks to the incredible support and generosity of our donors, sponsors, and passionate conservation advocates, we raised a total of $239,000 / K3,900,000. This substantial contribution directly fuels critical conservation projects, providing essential resources and support where it’s needed most.

Impactful Projects Supported:

Within this report, you’ll discover the tangible outcomes of our collaborative efforts. From anti-poaching measures to habitat preservation initiatives, your contributions have facilitated:

  • Expansion of protected areas
  • Enhanced anti-poaching patrols and technology
  • Community engagement programs fostering sustainable practices
  • Wildlife monitoring and research for informed conservation strategies

A Testament to Collective Impact:

This annual report serves as a testament to the power of unity in safeguarding our planet’s natural wonders. The numbers and figures within these pages represent more than just financial contributions; they symbolise hope, dedication, and a shared vision for a thriving ecosystem where elephants and all wildlife flourish.

We extend our deepest gratitude to every supporter, partner, and volunteer whose dedication continues to drive positive change. Together, we are making a profound difference in the world of conservation.

Thank you for being an integral part of Elephant Charge’s journey towards a sustainable and harmonious coexistence with nature.