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About Our Sponsor

We are a wholly Zambian owned business, the largest FMCG manufacturer in Zambia and amongst the largest in Sub Saharan Africa. Since 1995, we have established an extensive portfolio of high quality brands and products. A little known fact; Trade Kings Group is comprised of Trade Kings itself and seven standalone subsidiary businesses each focusing on, and specializing in, a specific sub segment/ category/ industry. Over our history, our activities have diversified extensively and now encompasses a number of categories and sectors from detergents, soaps, candy, snacks, cereals, seasoning, biscuits and beverages to mining and steel production. However, our purpose of “Improving Lives” through the provision of superior quality products and delivering consumer value remains unwavering across the group of companies regardless of country or business.

Trade Kings Group is one of the largest privately owned manufacturers in Southern Africa. Featuring world class manufacturing facilities in Zambia and Zimbabwe, Trade Kings has proudly been manufacturing and exporting the highest quality Zambian made products within Zambia, southern Africa and beyond.

Since 1995, now celebrating 25 years of high quality, trusted and affordable products, our portfolio has grown dramatically and the group has diversified extensively. Today, Trade Kings is a globally competitive group of businesses driven by global standards, manufacturing practices and an aggressive research and development agenda which has led to the high levels of innovation, constant improvement and a host of highly specialized, technically advanced products in recent years.

The scope of Trade Kings Group today includes four distinct clusters namely; food, beverage, laundry, home and personal care products and steel. The product range manufactured under each category is listed below:

  • Food: Confectionery, biscuits, baking powder, custard powder, castor sugar, soya fillets, spice mixes, breakfast cereals, infant cereals, potato crisps and maize snacks.
  • Beverage: Maheu, Chibwantu, milkshakes, instant coffee and tea beverages, carbonated soft drinks, energy drinks, juices, milk and dairy juice blends.
  • Laundry, Home and Personal Care Products: Detergent (powder and paste), bleaches, floor cleaners, toilet cleaners, dishwashing liquids, all purpose creams, scouring powders, window and glass cleaners, bath soaps, hygiene soaps, beauty soaps, hair soaps, glycerine, hand sanitisers, liquid handwashing soaps, antiseptic liquids and fabric conditioners.
  • Steel: Steel re-bar, angles and channels.

The drive for diversification and a belief in the establishment of specialised businesses, to ensure focus and innovation within each category, has led to the Trade Kings Group we know today. Trade Kings Group is comprised of Trade Kings, Big Tree Beverages, Big Tree Brands (featuring several specialist sub businesses focusing independently on infant nutrition, cereals and baking products and spices), Dairy Gold, Swiss Bake, Yoyo Foods and Universal Mining and Chemicals Limited (UMCIL).

Since our first product, Blue Boom Detergent Paste and the establishment of the now iconic BOOM brand, Trade Kings has developed a portfolio of many of the foremost brands in the Zambian and southern African markets across the categories and sectors in which we operate.

Thanks to the support of the Zambian people and those in all ten of the southern African countries in which we operate, Trade Kings and its brands have become household names and are synonymous with quality, reliability and value for money across the portfolio and the group of companies.

At Trade Kings, we aim to create a connection between our products and their impact on people’s lives.  From the promotion of affordable hygiene with Yebo Carbolic soaps, the health benefits of MediHerb Ayurvedic herbal soaps and the antibacterial family protection of Hygienix hygiene soap, to the livelihoods that selling our confectionary lines like Amazon and Milkit creates. Our role in the lives of others is never taken for granted and inspires our business approach, culture and way of thinking.

Trade Kings purpose is “Improving Lives”, whether through our emphasis on providing branded products of superior quality and value, value addition and shared value projects with local suppliers, growers or producers, our corporate social responsibility initiatives and public private partnerships through the Trade Kings Foundation or our focus on women’s and youth empowerment initiatives. All our efforts are aligned to deliver this single minded promise. Both evident in our history and the actions of our founders we aim to improve the lives of our consumers nationally, regionally and internationally both now and for future generations through carefully selected strategic projects.

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